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About Plovdiv

International fair Plovdiv

The International Fair ground in Plovdiv is the main exhibition centre of Bulgaria. Thanks to it the Bulgarian producers become known in the International market, and its activity indicates the economic level of the country. The Fair is situated on 352 000 square meters. The exhibition grounds are 137 000 square meters, half of them covered. About 50 exhibition events are organized in the fair throughout the year where take place over 8000 exhibitors from 60 countries.


Old town

In 1956 The Old town is declared an architectural and historical reserve. On the territory of the ancient Trihalmie / Three hills/ survived significant monuments from the Antiquity . Here you can see fortress defences dating from all historical ages. At the south foot of the saddle between the hills Dzambaz and Taksim also survived through the ages monumental remains from the fortress of the acropolis together with the south gate. From the internal side of the walls after 11 years of archeological research a remarkable ancient theatre was discovered and successfully preserved and restored. Another remarkable monuments are the remains of the ancient stadium of Filipopolis and the vast square from the Roman epoch called agora. Until our days survived parts of the acropolis walls. Remains of the ancient Thracian and Hellenistic epoch can be seen together with the repairs from the Roman, Byzantine and Bulgarian medieval times. All the development of the Bulgarian Revival architecture after the 19 c. can be followed in the Old town and in 1979 it received European golden medal for keeping the monuments from the past.


Bachkovo monastery

The Bachkovo monastery is the second largest Bulgarian monastery after the one in Rila. Is is situated in the valley of the river Chepelarska, also called the river Chaia 10 km south form Asenovgrad. This ancient monastery is one of the most frequently visited in Bulgaria. The monastery complex and its surroundings have become an attractive tourist destination where the local people sell literary everything that grows or is produced in the Rodhopi mountains rare herbs, home made jam from forest fruits, goat and buffalo yoghurt and cheese, woolen blankets etc. The Bachkovo monastery is among the 100 national tourist destinations.


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